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Corruption fight key to achieving Ghana beyond aid – Gabby Otchere-Darko

Comment: Battiman Gabby get no Shame

2019-09-16 09:22:57
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Corruption fight key to achieving Ghana beyond aid

Shut your battyman mouth up you are the main reason this party is tagged as corrupt,your weak uncle is not able to deal with a lot of issues because of you and your friends involvement ,I realised early how weak of a leader your uncle is because he wasn't checking your stupid actions all these years,and your communicators are not able to defend how corruption is been handled terribly,no wonder most Battymen don't have shame,even though you do not have official position your hands are linked to a lot of corruption and nepotistic deals like PDS ,Sea defense project among others,2020 is coming you would see who would waste time to go and vote,you guys don't think wanting to build a movie village in Kyebi can you imagine this is not rocket science,don't blame the Kumasi people if they follow Mahama money and vote for them you brought it upon yourselves

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09-13 04:27
Battiman Gabby get no Shame
09-16 09:22