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Corruption fight key to achieving Ghana beyond aid – Gabby Otchere-Darko

Comment: Corruption

Terry Amenyo Kwesi Torsu
2019-09-13 05:17:28
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Corruption fight key to achieving Ghana beyond aid

The answer to the corruption crises in Ghana and other such countries facing this dilemma is the Gospel of Jesus Christ as found in 1Corinthians ch 15 verses 1-4. Which is the death burial and ressurrection of Jesus Christ. And must be obeyed by our repentance baptism in Jesus name for the remission of sins and to receive the baptism of the HolyGhost evidence of speaking in tongues as the Spirit of Jesus Christ gives the utterance as found in Acts 2:38 in the Holy Bible. Also Jesus Christ himself spoke of this experience prior to Peter the Apostle preached it on the day of Pentecost as described in the book of Acts. In John chapter 3 verse 5 Jesus Christ spoke of this experience as being born of the water and Spirit. Which he declared to be a must in order to see the Kingdom of God. I have heard about the woes of corruption that has plauged Ghana all my life. In my own life experience I know that Acts 2:38 works to destroy the work of sin in one's life. And I myself use to lie but after obeying Acts 2:38 in the Holy Bible lieing seized to flow from my lips freely like water. Lieing is the same as corruption. There ain't know difference. Now when I lie I am convicted by the Spirit of Jesus Christ.

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Terry Amenyo Kwesi Torsu
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