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Ghanaians hungrier now than when I was President – Mahama

Comment: @ PanAfrican

Akan Komfo
2019-01-15 12:39:38
Comment to:
NPP Spermicide

Nitwit propagandist masquerading as PanAfrican, Yes we will regulate this story to toxicity? Are you and the former President on some mind altering substance? You all in the NDC take citizens to be idiots without any memory and common sense? You failed and we booted you out and you have the nerve to tell us the pain you fed is was better? Is some form of hunger better? Tell your ex president to speak to us with respect. We are not idiots? Hunger is hunger! No difference!!

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01-15 07:54
@ PanAfrican
Akan Komfo
01-15 12:39