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Koku pledges to support 'any winner' in NDC 2020 flagbearer race


2018-09-27 16:07:57
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Koku pledges to support 'any winner' in NDC 2020 f

Koku Ayidoho cannot be trusted anyday, his lack of self discipline and abrasive and disrespectful character doesn't make him a good choice to I ccupy the Secretary General position of NDC. Koku Ayidoho no doubt will stray out of control by the party and work against JDM if he becomes the flag bearer, he wouldn't care what becomes the consequences of his actions for as long as his WILL was carried on, inconsequential of the damages to the general interest of the party. No party members should make the mistake of electing Koku Ayidoho to be Secretary General. NDC at a crucial times of winning back power should have no luxury of time dealing with Koku Ayidoho's incessant misbehavior and constant running fowls of the laws from his loose and senseless talks that gets him in battles with the police. NDC SHOULD BE CAREFULLY CAUTIOUS NOT TO MAKE A MISTAKE IN ELECTING KOKU AYIDOHO.

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