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Government has no contingency plan for risky $2bn bauxite deal – IMANI

Comment: Nana Addo to sink Ghana

Mawuko Elias
2018-09-11 23:56:47
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Re: Attention Seeker

If you idiots had read and really understood Imanni's argument you would pause a little while and think again. It is rather a pity and very sad that Nana Addo is dancing to the vociferous empty masses of protoplasm in the gallery. Four legs good, two legs bad mantra of George Orwell's 'animal farm' This Government is sinking this Country in a deep shit hole Where is the President in a hurry to? The Chinese have come a long way from bloody revolutionary days to shake away poverty to a high tech country, and even old big guys in town(USA, EU etc) are jittery. There is no free lunch anywhere and certainty not in Mao Tee Tung's country. Therefore let's listen to Imanni's argument because China cannot come and dump USD2billion in Ghana because we think we had some bauxite deposits according to some rudimentary or vestigial assessment with some antique equipment some years ago when most us were not even born.

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09-11 21:45
Nana Addo to sink Ghana
Mawuko Elias
09-11 23:56