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Creating 50 millionaires in 4 years: The ambition of NDC flagbearer aspirant

Comment: This nonstarter Nureedin.

2018-09-11 16:10:06
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Creating 50 millionaires in 4 years: The ambition

Nureedin, your plan to create just 50 millionaires in Ghana in your first term if elected is flawed and no brainer. So you intend to create 50 millionaires, right? What about the rest of the 25 million Ghanaians or so remaining?. Your plan is no different from the create, loot and share syndrom. Just butt this impossibility. People need jobs, shelter, access to good and portable water, education and above all comfort/peace of mind. Nureedin, do you dream at all when you sleep? Sit your butt down with such abstract bs. Who needs such a leader in Ghana?Government has no business creating millionaires. Good policicies and effective implementation will create the desired results. Forget about plans to contest the NDC presidential primaries. This is another attempt to hoodwink Ghanaians. Creat millionaires for real! Who told you that is the role of government? People borrow moneys from banks and refuse to pay back. How does the next business man get funds to run his enterprise if borrowers are not paying back their loans? Lose and lousey bs talk. Your proposition is nothing but phantom. Are you a millionaire yourself, Nureedin? If not, then I say physician heal thyself first. Political season and all the silliness.

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09-11 14:58
This nonstarter Nureedin.
09-11 16:10