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Bawumia's spokesperson clarifies $15bn Chinese deal

Comment: China/. Bauxite. Batter. MPP plan.

2018-09-11 20:58:47
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Bawumia's spokesperson clarifies $15bn Chinese dea

May. God bless. Osagyefo. Dr. Kwame. Nkrumah for his 7 years development plan &. Bauxite/. Smelter at. Tema of which we can see the end in our life time as against $50bn/. Bauxite. Batter plan for 100years of which we,our children, children's children ect......
....can never never see.the end. MPP love money more than. Ghana. Please don't sell us..

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09-11 14:15
China/. Bauxite. Batter. MPP plan.
09-11 20:58