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British envoy condemns tyre burning near his residence

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Papa J
2018-09-11 13:58:17
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British envoy condemns tyre burning near his resid

Welcome to Ghana. People will insult you for complaining. We prefer to breath poison than side with a foreigners complaint. For us you are too known. The AMA thinks their only job is to keep chanting that Accra is becoming the cleanest city and by magic it will happen. Everything is upside down in Ghana. Even when you apply for a permit they will delay you and bring all kinds of procedures and regulations. Do it without a permit and they pretend they do not see those illegal constructions no matter how crazy the construction or the fact that the do not meet their own AMA regulations they will just collect money and do nothing. This country is hell for those wanting to do the right thing and heaven for those willing and happy to do illegal things and bribe. As a foreigner in Ghana dont complain just breath and accept whatever insults come your way. Your white shirt will turn black with the smoke but just wash your shirt more often. Nothing will change. Even if it does it will be for a few days and things will go back to what is normal in Ghana. Finish your term and go back peacefully knowing that you tried.

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09-11 13:09
Re: British envoy condemns tyre burning near his r
Papa J
09-11 13:58