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NDC deserves more terms to develop Ghana – Sylvester Mensah

Comment: NDC deserves more terms to develop

Ghanaian love
2018-09-11 11:31:39
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NDC deserves more terms to develop Ghana – Sylve

For the ndc supporter following blindly?. Mahama only has one term to be a president, tell us what can be do, that he didn't go in the 6/7 years after after Ataa Mills. Policies take more than 2 years to finally show effects, even investment take at least two years to start up and more than 3years to finally impact the economy as a whole. So please enlighten us. Ghana is currently dealing with the bad economic decisions oOf "The ndc party". And after 2 years some of you who simply think of party politics are here and der making noise.. Please tell us. Maybe a fresh leader, more innovative, not easily manipulated and importantly can run two terms is a better option or?.. Mahama smells like a man who wants to reconcile his loses for the last 4 years.. And atone to his party faithfuls who couldn't get the chance to share in the national wealth looting.

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09-11 10:48
NDC deserves more terms to develop
Ghanaian love
09-11 11:31