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‘NPP didn’t think through 1-district, 1-factory policy’ – Ade Coker

Comment: NDC Is Non-Initiate Party

Onipaba of Akyem Maase
2018-09-10 19:54:49
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‘NPP didn’t think through 1-district, 1-factor

The main reason the ndc will remain a village soxball team is that, the party is not initiative-driven type. It has no big dream membership because it has no future and no ideology of it's own. The party will die with the founder. Their intellectual base is very weak and only filled with people with greed intent. They never start anything that will benefit the nation. They destroyed nhis, free maternal health care, mass cocoa spraying, school feeding and host of social intervention policies. Now they bark at free shs and 1d1f. They fail to recognize that every program has associated problems. Instead of professing solutions, they pray for doom. It is never a good option to be part of failure-credited party called ndc.

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09-10 19:49
NDC Is Non-Initiate Party
Onipaba of Akyem Maase
09-10 19:54