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Ghana's economy in real hardship under Akufo-Addo - Manasseh Azure Awuni

Comment: Perhaps u get to chop so all is good

2018-09-09 14:35:20
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Have u never heard that economic growth may not necessarily translate into wellbeing? Those Google results are based on economic growth statistics. Was it not the same statistics NDC used in claiming that they brought down inflation. What was the response of the opposition. Just statistics n it does not translate into wellbeing. Ordinary Ghanaian was suffering NPP said. How is the health sector ? Two years in office and you continue to blame Mahama as if u did not know what u were getting into. U presented the true state of the economy whilst in opposition meaning u knew what was at stake when u promised heaven. If the economy is that good why are u in New York? Move back home. U sit far away n blast people for crying things are hard. No sane acadmic would make your comments. Under the two years was enougg to enploy family members. Bawumiah was flown abroad for treatment over an ordinary headache whilst pregnant women are giving birth on the floor. Look at the car tge deputy agric minister took to his constituency whilst people are suffering. Not to talk about class rooms unavailability. If it were ubder NDC u would be quick to blast. PLO said about Africa. The feel good effect just because your tribes man i's on the throne all is good.

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09-09 11:19
Perhaps u get to chop so all is good
09-09 14:35