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Ghana's economy in real hardship under Akufo-Addo - Manasseh Azure Awuni

Comment: Of course the economy is in hardship but

2018-09-09 13:51:31
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Ghanaians, Ghana economy in real hardship under Na

There is no Country in this World which has undertaking an Economy reform without hardships.Not even the advance economies has been able to reform their economies without citizens complaining.
In our own case, for many years, our economy had no direction where it was heading to.There was no plan, no discipline and no management.
Now that, there is government which wants to put a bit discipline and management in the economy it is normal, that people will complain of hardship.
What this government needs is communication, they need to explain to the people, that we all need to sacrifice a bit if we want to benefit from our economy in the future.They shouldn’t rely on journalists,because journalism in Ghana is so politicized, that they are no more objective.
It may take sometime before we see any progress in the efforts of government.
This government is really the last chance for us, let’s be patriotic enough to put Country first before Party.

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Of course the economy is in hardship but
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