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Ghana's economy in real hardship under Akufo-Addo - Manasseh Azure Awuni


Stephen Donkor, New York.
2018-09-09 12:19:30
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Ghanaians, Ghana economy in real hardship under Na

This guy Manasseh seems to be hallucinating and or high on drugs. I’ don’t care how Gabby sees things, but the reality is that: the subject of psychology depicts anybody who generalize situations without taking into consideration a scientific prove or study as being stupid or uneducated. I didn’t say it but the subject of psychology makes these revelations. Anybody can go to goggle and type the results of the fastest growing economies in Africa. If the world’s general scientific polls considers Ghana’s economy as the most thriving economy, whatever Mumuse or whatever his name is says sounds bogus to me. Maybe he’s seeing things differently because he now lives beyond his means or has multiple girlfriends and concubines, a situation that’s putting more financial stress on his life. Again the government is right now under austerity measures from the IMF a situation that was bequeathed to us by his NDC kingpin John Mahama and his team. This suggests that things could’ve been worse under his bedfellow John Cribo Mahama. Because I can’t imagine what magic Mahama could’ve conjure the economy he sent from surplus to Economic Recession in eight years, back to the best in Africa within just a matter of 18 months. The team of Nana Addo is the best!

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09-09 11:19
Stephen Donkor, New York.
09-09 12:19