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Ghana's economy in real hardship under Akufo-Addo - Manasseh Azure Awuni

Comment: Better Than Enjoying On Thievery!!

2018-09-09 11:36:23
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Ghanaians, Ghana economy in real hardship under Na

This stomach journalist is no wonder amongst the bunch of recipients who were wasting the nation’s resources undeservingly. The basket which mahama was using to collect rain waters has been replaced by a barrel preventing the leakages now. Now tell me, why won’t people like this watchman’s dog eating son cry because his pocket is no longer getting wet anymore? You haven’t seen anything yet. Now that everyone is going to spend wisely, the useless in society who were reaping where not sown are the ones who will beat the hardship drums most. We are now building a country of deserving rich people and not thieves from a certain party’s quarters. Nonsense!!!

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09-09 11:19
Better Than Enjoying On Thievery!!
09-09 11:36