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'Incompetent' Nana Addo has failed his campaign promises on Creative Arts - Ola Michaels

Comment: we have a leadership crisis

2018-09-09 16:04:22
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'Incompetent' Nana Addo has failed his campaign pr

Ola I do agree with you that the creative industry is is in perpetual comatose dating back from the especially the 80s when a long curfew under your party snuffed out the creative energies of our musicians and vibrant night life.we have a leadership crisis as to how to align our challenges in tune with what this government promises and translate it into reality.with your affiliation to the ndc u have very little support from the players and I guess you need to redirect your energy into your creative endeavours. All the issues u raised are already captured in the development agenda of the ndc from 2009 but nothing came out of it.I am speaking as someone who have been involved from all the round table engagements

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09-09 13:01
we have a leadership crisis
09-09 16:04