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NPP has failed in fulfilling key campaign promises - GACC Report

Comment: Take it or leave it!

2018-09-11 20:51:11
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Anti Ghana Ewe Twat!

Akyire Twa Animu Twa, what is your definition of national resources? Every region has some form of natural resources that is beneficial to the country. Apart from gold, silver etc there are other forms of natural resources that you are not aware of for example the sea is a natural resource, sunlight is a natural resource, wind, sea waves etc. It is the lack of technology and corruption that is preventing Ghana from prospering.

Countries such as Mauritius in Africa have less resources than Ghana and yet they are richer than Ghana. Energy could be generated along the coast from Aflao to Axim, tidal waves can be generated from the sea coast, substantial energy for Ghana without relying on the so call resource regions of Ghana. Akyire Twa Animu Twa think twice before you come out with your fallacy- of certain regions having the bulk of the natural resources in the country.

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Take it or leave it!
09-11 20:51