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NPP has failed in fulfilling key campaign promises - GACC Report

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2018-09-08 18:37:35
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Anti Ghana Ewe Twat!

Why do you feel so empty and enraged against some tribes? Why do you need to hide behind your tribe to feel important or useful? What do you call a Northerner? Is it a tribe or an ethnic group? How much natural resources do you have? who labours your land? And for you as an individual, what contribution have you made to the entity Ghana. I will tell you, as a ''useless Northerner'' as you like to think of us, that I represent you in another country and no government sent me here. I got here purely through my education and years of hard work. I learnt English, French and Spanish in Ghana. What are you Worth in yoursel stop hiding nbehind your tribe!!!

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09-08 06:25
@Akyire Twa whatever
09-08 18:37