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NPP has failed in fulfilling key campaign promises - GACC Report

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2018-09-08 13:03:27
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Dear Mr. Schemer,
Thanks for your comment but I have a few concerns. Per your submission, Ghana has serious corruption than Tazania n must even be more strict in the corruption fight. However, that is not what is going on if you compare us to Tazania. Please for lack of space I suggest u read on the corruption fight wthin the two systems. The information is available online. Besides, look at where u trace your corruption from. It seems u lack basic historical background of the subject matter. There was no coup in Ghana which did not have corruption as a factor. Under civilian governments Rawlings reshuffled his cabinet after visiting EC Mensa''s house. Kuffour said corruption was there since Adam n there was nothing he could do. Under Atta Mills n Mahama we had serious corruption. In fact, it is still going on under this government in the various institutions. If u don't know this u must be living outside the country. We are not serious to fight corruption.

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