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Times are hard - Gabby Otchere-Darko

Comment: Not every lawyer goes to Court.

Stone,Osu, Accra
2018-09-07 20:24:38
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It is so true that 90% of Ndc members are so stupid. Not every lawyer goes to court. Obama holds a Phd in constitutional law. Obama has never been in court. If they say Gabby is a top lawyer it does not mean he goes to court to litigate cases. So many Ghanaians are so stupid and gullible that's why they vote for foolish and senseless people to run the country then they blame and insult others for the mess they find themselves in rather than blaming themselves. If you build your house on a weak foundation please don't blame your enemy when you house comes crumbling down during a thunderstorm because your enemy has nothing to do with your problems. Blame yourself. When Mahama was in power and now please you idiots tell me the difference. Ghana was heaven under Mahama?School fees,petrol,rent,unemployment,food,electricity,water,hospital bills,teachers,nurses,civil servants,all these were in deep shit under Mahama yet you idiots want Mahama back? Oh GHanaians open your eyes.

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09-07 16:53
Not every lawyer goes to Court.
Stone,Osu, Accra
09-07 20:24