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Hardship, unemployment grown from bad to worse under Akufo-Addo - Nunoo-Mensah

Comment: Nunoo Mensah is a nuisance

2018-09-07 19:19:22
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Hardship, unemployment grown from bad to worse und

I will urge the President Nana Addo to arrest this useless Nunoo MENSAH for his rubbish and greedy talks aimed at plunging the nation into subversion. Has he forgotten their useless revolution which has up to now disrupted and derailed the socio economic growth of our country. If Nana Addo is to arrest the unpatriotic citizens who have caused a great harm to the country i don't think the President will let him go scot free. He must be quiet and even in his slumber he should not even snore to trace where he is.If Nunoo MENSAH is yawning for uprising I will be among the plotters to make sure he is exterminated because he is a nuisance.

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09-07 16:30
Nunoo Mensah is a nuisance
09-07 19:19