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Hardship, unemployment grown from bad to worse under Akufo-Addo - Nunoo-Mensah

Comment: Result of 10 years of Mismanagement

2018-09-07 17:02:02
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Hardship, unemployment grown from bad to worse und

Mr. Nunoo-Mensah, you know why the tide of unemployment is becoming difficult to arrest. Corruption, plundering of National coffers, nepotism, selfishness, lack of inclusion, the case of political "ethnic-ism", Ghana has seen. It prepared the grounds for the downward fall of Ghana, politically and economically. Result? Intense corruption, unemployment and the incessant tide of armed robbery, human sacrifice, and other social ills. Mr. Nunoo-Mensah, as a good soldier, if honesty is your coat, address the problem from the root. It's the mismanagement of the 10 yr NDC Administration. If the NDC created jobs, where have the jobs gone?The NPP destroyed the jobs? The people of Ghana will never fall for the cheap propaganda of the NDC. This pounding of the Akufo-Addo Regime, is pointing finger at yourself.Yes, as long as you spread the lies and kill the spirit of the Ghanaian, it's only the "basket of deplorables", so blind, gullible, and deaf will join your march. These are the desperate ones.

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Result of 10 years of Mismanagement
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