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African leaders lining up for China sad – Gabby

Comment: China Is Still Communist

James Mahmoud Awotwe-Braun
2018-09-07 14:32:48
Comment to:
Not the same Nkrumah China

My friend, so you woud now describe as China 'capitalist' China?

Hell No!

It is still Communist China. So politically not much has changed.

Economically a lot has changed since.

Because of its huge population, China has beaten any other country in production resulting in big economy.

In fact, China is now the 'producer' for the whole world. There's hardly any Western concern without a production unit in China - partly because of very cheap labour.

If China were capitalist, union mebmers would strike, rise up and fight for higher wages and better working conditions. Because it is still communist, there are no such conditions....

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09-07 11:49
China Is Still Communist
James Mahmoud Awotwe-Braun
09-07 14:32