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African leaders lining up for China sad – Gabby


Fergusson- Fante Confederation
2018-09-07 12:22:04
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African leaders lining up for China sad – Gabby

Idiot with a goatish white beard. So you were also there. Upon all the paaa paaa your so called Danquah, Busia, Dombo Toilet Association made against Kwame Nkrumah's khaki khaki Communist China you have now run to China to beg for their left over food. So ask yourself if Nkrumah was not more sensible than your stupid party elders. Especially that Accra buffoon, Prof. Mike Oquaye, who has the habit of eating several balls of Kenkey and then going to the beach to shit. All he knows is to say " Nkrumah didn't bring independence to Ghana". What do you expect from a James Town Rat and associate of bomb throwers Teiko Tagoe, Maama Tula and Dedei Asikinshai? He fool like anything. Useless Speaker of Parliament. NPP party is a complete toilet party, especially Gabby talking jazz about 53 African Leaders lining up for Khaki Khaki China. Hanoi at last

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09-07 11:49
Fergusson- Fante Confederation
09-07 12:22