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Ghana can't keep taking endless loans for projects - Australian High Commissioner

Comment: Please mind your business! !!

Sarfo-Kantanka USA
2018-09-08 13:16:31
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Ghana can't keep taking endless loans for projects

What has Australia done for Ghanaians? When Ghanaians go to your country just to do labour jobs you deport them. Recently you deported several Ghanaians who went to Australia. What a fuck you want Ghana to do? To sit down ans starve? Australia and America are the most wicked and selfish counries in the wprld. You are jealous because Chinavis gaining grounds in Africa. " Half a loaf is better than none" Leave Ghana alone. Go and see Rwanda and Ethiopia what China have done to them this very short period. You don't want us to develop our country so you will call us Dark Continent, Shitholes and other names. Mr. Ambassador Fuck You!!!!!

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09-06 23:37
Please mind your business! !!
Sarfo-Kantanka USA
09-08 13:16