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Ghana can't keep taking endless loans for projects - Australian High Commissioner

Comment: Ghana deals with China!! Be weary!!

Ms Lydia
2018-09-07 11:44:10
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Ghana can't keep taking endless loans for projects

I truly agree with the Australian high commissioner. I have my reservations as well when the president went to China and signed some deals with the Chinese government. In my interlectual opinion and personal experience, Ghana is dancing with the devil and mustn't forget that China will never sign a deal with any African country without knowing the mammoth benefit to their own.At the end of the day, the Chinese don't care about anyone from the third world country; not even their own poor chinese citizens in China. Ghana should bear in mind that the China will take total advantage of every resources Ghana naturally has and leave the country bone dry!!!. All Ghana's rivers would be polluted, the fishes in the coastal waters of Ghana would be scrapped from Ghana's seabed, the wildlife in the forest would be totally wiped out by the Chinese and the agricultural land would be abused by them. Not forgetting the sugary Chinese restaurants and takeaways which is a timed bomb to Ghanaian's health; the ludicrous money they are already making and the advantages outside the loans being given to Ghana is unsumountable. It has become noticeable that all reptiles are scarce to find these days in Ghana because the Chinese are going about with sacks and capturing lizards and other reptiles without any law enforcement. The chinese are super rich and super fake in 97% of thier goods to African countries including expired consumer goods because they are fully aware that Ghanaian's have no clue of proper legalisation of goods and services and making proper trade deals. Chinese roads and building constructions in Africa has always been badly done and some fatall. Thank you Auzy high commissioner.

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09-06 23:37
Ghana deals with China!! Be weary!!
Ms Lydia
09-07 11:44