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Ghana can't keep taking endless loans for projects - Australian High Commissioner

Comment: Australia worried about GH bauxite dev.

Dogo Yaro
2018-09-07 07:43:29
Comment to:
Ghana can't keep taking endless loans for projects

Hello you all. Most comments miss the underlying concern of Australia? Developing our bauxite deposits would increase world capacity and by extension alumina/ aluminum supplies in the world market and potentially depress prices for this metal? Australia has huge reserves of bauxite and have invested heavily in its exploitation. Of course Australia is worried about China, a customer for its bauxite and alumina/aluminum products having another supply source ? Capital in the West which is invested with Australia controls Jamaica and Guniea bauxite mines. The Ghana bauxite development projects as envisaged may be disruptive for vested capital interests? The Ambassador’s comments may seem sensible , innocent and wise , but note his allusion to transparency? The invested Capital cartel that controls global bauxite mines and reserves, and the aluminum are scrambling for information about Ghana’s bauxite development project to take counter measures ? Their paid agents will cast Ghana’s development projects in bauxite as commercially not viable? (Note Bright Simmons piece yesterday on the subject which was based on guesstimates and suppositions ?). Political destabilization is not far fetched if invested Capital interests feel threatened? The Australian Ambassador and Australia are not innocent bystanders? They have real interest to derail Ghanas bauxite development agendas ? And finally why do some well meaning Ghanaians think patriotic leaders with vision and out of the box thinking projects are stupid? We demonized Nkrumah as reckless and stupid but history has vindicated his foresighted programs? Intelligence and wisdom is not a monopoly in the brains of only the White man? All the newly developed nations , India, China, Brazi , South Korea all went against the grain to achieve their developed status by taking huge loans! And when it comes to loans for national development, We encourage the naysayers to read the economic histories of most developed nations? The Cold War made independent Africa pawns and delayed our economic progress. We must not be victims again in the new soft war of global economic competition!! Australia has a jaundiced vested interest in the success of Ghana’s bauxite development projects!!!

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09-06 23:37
Australia worried about GH bauxite dev.
Dogo Yaro
09-07 07:43