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Ghana can't keep taking endless loans for projects - Australian High Commissioner

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2018-09-07 06:17:20
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mr australia high commissionerl

Massa reason like someone who wants to progress in life, and not a fool. Ghana has been borrowing for over 60 years but we don't see any real development. Ghana is one of the few nations in the world that has been blessed with a lot of natural resources but we are not doing anything meaningful with we have. Corruption is the order of the day. Partisanship makes it easy for politicians to fool the masses. The masses are also not ready for a real and a meaningful change. Oh black Africa, what happened to us? There are a lot stupid party propagandists on this forum who'll defend anything stupid that their part does. Hmmmm, wahala paa for Ghana/Africa ooo. Oyibo always dey use you to better himself but we never dey learn sense. If someone gives you money exchange for raw material means the person needs that product. So why can't you set up and transform the raw material into a finished product and sell for more money. That in itself will create massive employment for your people. The same raw material will come back to you as a finished product at an expensive price. Ghana only has stupidity to show after 60years of age. What a shithole country with shithole leaders being followed by people who do not want real development. Tweaskai!

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