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Ghana can't keep taking endless loans for projects - Australian High Commissioner

Comment: Re: Tribal and linear thinkers

Maka a maka
2018-09-07 00:47:02
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Tribal and linear thinkers

If you had any knowledge of international politics or geopolitics, you would leave tribal connotations out of this. Australia is part of the so-called West. In actual fact, like Britain, and the rest of Europe, it's an American vassal. Like its master, the US, Australia is worried about Africa getting too close to China. The West has been frantic in its efforts to discourage Africa from getting close to China, because increasingly, China has replaced that block in Africa, at least, economically. The Chinese have always known, that Africa is a continent with a great future and therefore, they have accordingly, taken their relationship with the continent very seriously. Apart from the current economic cooperation between China and Africa, it should not be forgotten, that China stood on the side of liberation movements in Africa during the struggle for independence, while almost the whole of the West was on the side of the oppressors. African leaders are not brainless, as Western leaders consider them to be. On the contrary, they know who their true friends are. Therefore, Australia should keep its unsolicited and patronising advice to itself. Our leaders have the respossibility to do what is in the best interests of their peoples, without patronising advice from the West.

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09-06 23:37
Re: Tribal and linear thinkers
Maka a maka
09-07 00:47