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ADI cautions minority over US$2 billion bauxite deal

Comment: Please reason with me!

2018-09-06 20:40:19
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Seating on time bomb

Mr. Charles, I do not see your children losing any thing from this deal. They will rather benefit even more than you from this deal. Can you please point to me any specific thing you know in Ghana that was done with Gold money? Yet gold has been mined before you were born and you don’t see where the money goes because there is no accountability. If those who signed gold contracts were prudent enough like what Nana is doing with bauxite, we would be proud of Ghana today. I don’t think u need to fear for your children on this deal because it is rather for them to benefit. For instance, those who built Akosombo dam, Legon, UST, CapeVas, Motor way etc are gone but we are enjoying it today. So whatever the agreement will do for Ghana is for them.
In my opinion this is better than for it to sit till some visionless government comes to dole it away for a pittance. I think you have to analyze your thinking on this issue.

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09-06 19:54
Please reason with me!
09-06 20:40