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1D1F, one-village, one-dam impossible to do – Ken Dzirasah

Comment: national demonic company, ndc

atu zongo
2018-09-06 10:35:50
Comment to:
1D1F, one-village, one-dam impossible to do – Ke

Useless incompetent ndc low minded criminal politician with no balls & visionless man, horrible but whether the ndc low minded politicians like it or not, d 1D1F & 1V1D is doable & competent & visionary prezo Akufo Addo will do it & he is doing it. ndc illiterates fools and criminal nation wreckers. It will happen & its happening Now.

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09-06 10:14
national demonic company, ndc
atu zongo
09-06 10:35