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Ato Forson punches holes in $50bn Century Bond

Comment: Re: Vote for change UFP is the answer

UFP movement is the answer, JOIN
2018-09-06 21:15:14
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Re: Vote for change UFP is the answer

...boss you and who is craving for the American dream ??
.... those countries that went away from the American model are prospering ...
now answering your question: Do you know what a realtor is? It means an estate agent ... what does it have to do with Ghana borrowing 50B$ and repaying in 100 years ... or you want to tell me that the government of Ghana is the agent for the Chinese government who is selling those infrastructures TO Ghanaians ??
I will not respond to your insults ... because at UFP part of the training we get is that we should not replicate insults ... but we should respond to criticisms.
As I said … the analysis I made is not about Harvard and Oxford … it is called common sense …. and personally unless they Americans decide to throw some bomb on Ghana … or we go there for a loan , I careless what happens there … I am in Ghana … and we need to crack our brains and come out with a solution that works for Ghana.
Bro whoever leads this nation if they succeed I will be happy … I do not read into any government doings with political lenses.
Since for soo many times we have tried NDC / NPP … why don’t you join me to give a try to UFP.

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09-06 07:23
Re: Vote for change UFP is the answer
UFP movement is the answer, JOIN
09-06 21:15