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Ato Forson punches holes in $50bn Century Bond

Comment: 50bn dollars bond for 100 yrs

Joseph K
2018-09-06 09:41:36
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Ato Forson punches holes in $50bn Century Bond

Mr Ato, You see your little knowledge in economics has really brought you this far, you are full of disgrace I keep saying the NDC is in itself a good party but lacks the qualify men to manage the country's economy, how can you have a man like Seth Tekpe and this useless Ato Forson managing a country like Ghana. Now let me teach him my class one economics how can you borrow a whopping amount like 50billion dollars for infrastructural and industrialisation development and expect the economy to be as it is today? This vindicate your little knowledge in economics. We in Npp have the men and they are at work therefore don't have the time to listen to your evil propaganda which is projected at sending the country back to Mahama economy where he was made to invite innocent people to come to Senchi Hotel to eat and drink in pretence of finding solution to help him revive the then ailing economy. All to no avail.

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09-06 07:23
50bn dollars bond for 100 yrs
Joseph K
09-06 09:41