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Ato Forson punches holes in $50bn Century Bond

Comment: oh Ato Forson?

2018-09-06 09:22:13
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Ato Forson punches holes in $50bn Century Bond

Ato if you know all these good educated stuff why didn't you and NDC + Mahama implemented it?
Anything NPP who are in charge of the economy proposes you criticize it. I question my self if you are a better economist that the NPP economic team? Please most people are not interested in your you theoretical analysis. Majority of Ghanaians trusted NPP to do a good job so they are not bothered with what you say. By the way when NDC were looking for 3 billion Chinese aborted loan was is good for the country? hahaha hypocrate Ato Forson.
Any means NPP will make Ghana better country they should do it for we are tired of back and forth government of NDC and NPP. THis is the chance of NPP to better the life of Ghanaians and we support them.
Atiwa forest is bad for Ghanaians hey Ato? But former president Mahama gave the Nyinahine bauxite to his brother to mine that is not bad Ato? Why are we so hypocrate. NAna Addo should go ahead and mine the bauxite in Atiwa forest by paying due diligence to environmental issues simple.
World bank is complaining because they invested in the Atiwa forest? hahaha they don't want us to develop and want us always to come to them and borrow. It will not happen this time. Ato help Nana to improve the life of Ghanaians for we are suffering.
By the way Ato where were you when the banking rot was going on?
IS it true you wrote a letter to IMF to explain to you if Chine 2 billion is a loan or not? Very funny to hear that as a economist of your caliber? you don't know a batter or partnership and a loan?

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09-06 07:23
oh Ato Forson?
09-06 09:22