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Ghana aiming to replicate China’s development model - Akufo-Addo

Comment: Chinese Cultural Exceptionalism

Osei Boateng
2018-09-06 04:59:08
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Paa Joe, some of us have have come to admire to admire the Chinese people, their endurance
their subtlety, their family sense, and the culture they represent. The Chinese execeptionalism is cultural. It doesn’t claim that its institutions are relevant outside China, making the China-Africa cooperation less threatening.

However, Chinese People’s Republic is still communistic founded by Chairman Mao in 1949, though after the Great Leap Forward, & Cultural Revolution, Deng Xiaoping launched his “Reform and Opening Up” to turn central planning to market forces. And improving education to the masses.

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09-05 12:19
Chinese Cultural Exceptionalism
Osei Boateng
09-06 04:59