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Synohyrdro agreement: IMF has vindicated us – Minority

Comment: Shame on NDC

Papa Sam NYC
2018-09-05 15:41:45
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Synohyrdro agreement: IMF has vindicated us – Mi

Trully, the NDC party has individuals who parade themselves as if they know it all. Their views on issues make Ghanaians wonder if they have the interest of the people and the country at heart. Worse still, it makes one wonder where they got their education from.
They are only good for criticizing and incapable of in depth critical analysis. Why they will run to to IMF to think for them or help them think is beyond comprehension. IMF? This institution in anti Africa and anti 3rd world. In this 21st century you would expect these so called NDC guys to know that IMF is not the place to go for help when you need one. It is funny and disgraceful for NDC to run to IMF begging it to do simple thing as analyzing and understanding details of an agreement between Ghana and China. Really? At this day and age smart leaders and countries go to Asia to structure agreements of developments. Definitely not to the West, if you want things done at reasonable cost.
NDC has nothing good to offer Ghana and the people. They will oppose anything progressively good for Ghana. They opposed the free SHS, and now this.
Wake up NDC!!!

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09-05 05:16
Shame on NDC
Papa Sam NYC
09-05 15:41