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Synohyrdro agreement: IMF has vindicated us – Minority

Comment: One party state necessary

2018-09-05 10:44:01
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Synohyrdro agreement: IMF has vindicated us – Mi

Benevolent dictatorship needed?
Nana, you have a vision and you got 50 billion now. Lets copy Nkrumah. Declare NPP the only national party. Ban all other parties, NDC etc. They want to wreck the nation. They have proven it by writing letters to IMF etc. To try and bkock even the 2 billion. Lets have a one party state like Nkrumahs CPP. Open Nsawam prisons for the useless oposition. NPP only best party for Ghana.
Make Nana a president for life.

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09-05 05:16
One party state necessary
09-05 10:44