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Synohyrdro agreement: IMF has vindicated us – Minority

Comment: Wicked akuffo addo

Agyemang boye
2018-09-05 08:37:01
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Synohyrdro agreement: IMF has vindicated us – Mi

When ndc borrowed to do development projects it was a crime but npp can barter our national assets or borrow anyhow and should be good and nobody should critic it. Look at a situation when a 40years national development plan was being proposed and discussed, the npp said that was an abomination. Now npp has a 100years plan and they say we should be clapping for them? God open the mind of those who are failing to reason fairly on issues.
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09-05 05:16
Wicked akuffo addo
Agyemang boye
09-05 08:37