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Nana Addo lobbies for Alibaba Africa headquarters in Ghana

Comment: Imbecile level of shitholness

2018-09-05 09:14:32
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Nana Addo lobbies for Alibaba Africa headquarters

Dimwits will never think of how to build their own versions of alibaba in the African market but will be begging the slave master who built from their sweat to come and loot our trickles through unreasonable profits. Shithole is you keep killing local businesses but giving stimulus packages to these foreign companies simply because they will pay you politicians fat bribes. Ken agyapong has revealed how much foreign business men pay before entry into the flagstaff house so we understand why you will lobby fir VW but do shits with Kantanka

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09-05 05:31
Imbecile level of shitholness
09-05 09:14