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Ghana-China relations: Be alert; Chinese are very smart – Lloyd Amoah cautions Gov’t

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2018-09-04 21:43:34
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Ghana-China relations: Be alert; Chinese are very

In today's world nobody do anything for frèe,even when we are dealing with Togo they would come to the table to seek for their interest. After independence we turned to the west and what did we get nothing in return for our various minerals they mined. Not even schools,and those who benefited were a handful of people. If the Chinese would provide infrastructure,hospitals ect.that will benefit the majority of the people and you people are saying bad deal good deal. Close to 30 million people living in Ghana only 1% enjoys good health care. Only 1% live in good houses and rides in good cars and children attends good schools abroad and yet these corrupt and selfish politicians keep telling us we are protecting our bauxite for future generations. What is the use of future generation when 99%Ghanaians lives in poverty surely they and their children's children will live in poverty until thy kingdom come whiles the bauxite is under the ground being protected for the so called future generations.let the Chinese help with some of our bauxite to build our infrastructures ect. So that these generation may be elevated from poverty and gives the next generation a firm standing to face the future. At least the poor Ghanaian will also have a taste of his bauxite by a decent heath service.

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China deal
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