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Don’t turn loans, MOUs into feeding frenzy – Yao Graham

Comment: China is overpopulated

2018-09-04 21:28:07
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Don’t turn loans, MOUs into feeding frenzy – Y

president akufo-addo. beware of the china they are, overpopulated.And they are trying to invade Africa..
We who live abroad know more about china.
If you decide to build Ghana, we have all the resource which you can make a better deal.Your campaign promise Ghana is beyond aid. you can do better than this deal with china. Don"t let the NDC tell Ghanaian s in 2020 we told you so. I'm NPP supporter. we don't need Chines to build Ghana.

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09-04 06:04
China is overpopulated
09-04 21:28