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Akufo-Addo, Ministers, IGP stay away from $9.1 million cars

Comment: Re: Cars are not a big deal to NPP

Dr Real
2018-09-03 15:14:02
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Cars are not a big deal to NPP

Did you read to understand before given your comment all?The $9.1 million dollars was what corrupt thief John Dramani Mahama import 43 cars at the credit cost of $9.1 million dollars and not what Nana Addo use to import those cars.According to news 34 billet proof cars and 200 cars save Ghana $8.8 million out of thief John Dramani Mahama $9.1 million deal.Mahama is a thief and unpatriotic citizen.His coming back will be hell of stealing by our former thief president.

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09-03 08:32
Re: Cars are not a big deal to NPP
Dr Real
09-03 15:14