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Akufo-Addo, Ministers, IGP stay away from $9.1 million cars

Comment: Akufo-Addo, Ministers, IGP ......

2018-09-03 12:00:59
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Akufo-Addo, Ministers, IGP stay away from $9.1 mil

This is typical example of what is wrong with Ghana where Parliamentarians, members in the Regionsl and Districts Administration and other personnel in the Government live on the State with no strong economy to sustain the system. The Parliamentary system we inherited from the Coloniak Administration is so flawed and unsuitable to Ghana but we are so blind that even the so-called well educated can not discern it because the bogus wealth they find themselves in. The system may be good for the UK, America and others because the have strong economy to support it. Even in addition of their “strong” economy they go out to exploit other countries by force of arms to support the system!! Is Ghana in a position to continue with the system that is leading us to nowhere? We need to do something about it and stop living on external loans and handouts and also stop lavish and unnecessary spending like the purchase of the vehicles

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09-03 08:32
Akufo-Addo, Ministers, IGP ......
09-03 12:00