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Ghana considering floating rare $50bn Century Bond

Comment: Colonialism 2.0: The Stupidism

Kojo Brew
2018-09-03 10:00:18
Comment to:
Ghana considering floating rare $50bn Century Bond

So this is Colonialism 2.0.:The Stupidism.
Premise: After 500 years we(Africans) have learned shit. We are like volunteer sex slaves, always on our knees and crawling to our masters. Doing whatever we can to please them for a little bit of money.
How stupid can we be? Am I the only person who sees this? I wonder what land kilometers away up north will be given to them for a military base...ummm...I mean research station? When will we take our destiny in our own hands as proud Africans and write our own history as makers instead of always being on our knees as beggars?

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09-03 05:07
Colonialism 2.0: The Stupidism
Kojo Brew
09-03 10:00