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China plays 'Oye' on Akufo-Addo state visit

Comment: Ibrahim Mahama s bauxite?

Sun Tzu of Ahenkro
2018-09-03 16:36:18
Comment to:
Re: Agbesi - Surprising 'Oye' Ampa

Eish Ibrahim and John Mahama go vex paa oo
Nana no force koraa
How can you take a whole family natural assets like bauxite for the benefit of the whole of Ghana
Please Nana stop it Ibrahim and JM go bore
NDC miscommunicators pls talk some for Ibrahim and JM
Lol, have a nice day

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09-02 04:25
Ibrahim Mahama s bauxite?
Sun Tzu of Ahenkro
09-03 16:36