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Mass-produce affordable Kantanka cars for taxis – Gabby

Comment: Re: Dumb NDC.....

2018-09-02 04:24:46
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Dumb NDC.....

Then why is he commenting on the prospects of Kantanka on national platform fool ? just around the same time President initiated a german deal?

IF it is not "Nhyehye Anim politics" then what is it ?

Then maybe it is a destructive suggestion to make German deal look good !!

I think you are not smart or more than a dumb, because you don't know the dynamics of politics !!


I was using my own pocket money to do campaign for NPP in my own small way when NPP was in opposition, am sure maybe then you were not even interested in politics, now NPP is in power and anyone at all can support. Do you think anyone who dislike a wrong opinion is NDC ?

IF that is the case, then NDC is good party.

During opposition people were drinking kalypo, was it because it was sweat ?
Maybe because a political figure used it in his campaign.
Why not Kantanka this time, maybe people will have patronize it .

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Re: Dumb NDC.....
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