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Mass-produce affordable Kantanka cars for taxis – Gabby

Comment: KANTAKA suv

2018-09-01 21:56:41
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Affordable cars is what we want

KANTAKA company should blame themselves, is a typical blackman attitude , how can any car manufacture produce SUV cars before going down to Tipo type of car.

Did they research to know how the first cars were produce and marketed around the world..before arriving at SUV and 4x4 cars ?

manufacturing of HELICOPTER, TV, BLOCK MACHINE, CARS, RADIO, FUFU POUNDING MACHINE investor in his/her right senses will invest a dollar in such undecided company because they are not specific and consistence....why should pay $40,000 for kantanka SUV when I can buy a Japanese SUV at $30000 , where are the spare parts shops to purchase kantanka parts ? , they should think straight and bring things to the ordinary Ghanaian level and for sure kantanka will gave it fair share of the auto market it takes the ordinary people to bring them higher not the rich.....

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