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'Akufo-Addo in China to bring in another car company to collapse our business' - Kantanka

Comment: Ready - Akufo Addo and China trip for cars

Think Well
2018-09-02 01:20:32
Comment to:

Mr Darling, this same company is going to assemble cars in Nigeria which has more wealth. Nigerian market is huge and they have oil cash for massive importation of knocked down parts for the assembly plant. They can easily export to neighbouring countries. Besides, VW can easily repatriate their profits. So the two plants: Ghana and Nigeria, we shall see which one will survive. I'm a Ghanaian but I know VW plant in Nigeria is just being revived; it's been there for decades after is was closed down many years ago. Do to me it's good to offer the same liberal terms and support to Kantanka too. So please stop insulting others because you and government may not be thinking better than the one you call idiot. Thanks

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08-31 15:13
Ready - Akufo Addo and China trip for cars
Think Well
09-02 01:20