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'Akufo-Addo in China to bring in another car company to collapse our business' - Kantanka

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JH New York
2018-09-01 03:27:16
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'Akufo-Addo in China to bring in another car compa

The first thing to do was for Kantanka to have a Business Plan,to built a Standard Vehicle Assemble Plant,to employ hundreds of workers in the Country, with market assessment which looked beyond Ghana to Markets in the Sub Region and beyond. Use the original brand name of his Vehicle, if possible, and if any, Flot Shares/ Stocks to attract investors. Lobby the govt to patronize his products,etc. The foreign Media documentary of bolts and nuts tightening did a great disservice to the establishment.Why did you give them the chance to your plant!.The last but not the least,I don't know,but if you establish a Business on the principles of "One Man -Business" it's difficult for anyone,including the Govt to take you Serious.
At this juncture,stop whining ,make ammends, streamline ur admin and be competitive.Being a Uni graduate without experience in anything, is nothing. Therefore, I implore you to consult a lot with the right person's.

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08-31 15:13
Re: 'Akufo-Addo in China to bring in another car c
JH New York
09-01 03:27