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'Akufo-Addo in China to bring in another car company to collapse our business' - Kantanka

Comment: Competition? Where dumb fools

Abeeku Mensah
2018-09-01 01:03:41
Comment to:
'Akufo-Addo in China to bring in another car compa

There is no competition. You must be a dimwits if you do not have the capacity to think forwards, otherwise known as foresight. Germany's government seek new markets for German industry while Ghana's president goes out opening doors for foreign companies to move into Ghana without seeking concessions. You are either ignorant or a big fool to think Ghana can compete on the global market where national governments finance companies to gain foreign markets while Ghana's government goes borrowing without understanding why those nation are rich and Ghana is mismanaged and poor

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08-31 15:13
Competition? Where dumb fools
Abeeku Mensah
09-01 01:03