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How Akufo-Addo honoured Angela Merkel

Comment: Your own people sold Africans

2018-08-31 13:31:49
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Re: How Akufo-Addo honoured Angela Merkel

Always blaming the whiteman for your Stupidity. It was Africans who sold their fellow Africans to the whiteman so why do you blame the white man. Now your foolish Chiefs owns your lands and sells the lands like "kelewele" and uses the money to fuck little girls. They don't biild schools,hospitals or even cottage industries like bakeries or brick factories. Soon foolish peopple like you will blame the whiteman for your Chiefs stupidity. All the best schools and the best hospitals in ghana were instituted by your so called slavemasters. Even you Africans cannot run your own governments well. Shut the fuck up pathetic idiot. If you get just one Angela Merkel in Africa she will transform African into Heaven with all the Massive Resources Africa have at it's disposal. Instead unnecessary tribal wars corruption and backward religious practices supported by Africans are the root causes of Africa's problems. Learn from Rwanda's Paul Kagame. He has transformed his country despite all his inperfections. He banned all fake churches.

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08-31 12:32
Your own people sold Africans
08-31 13:31